What we do…

David Finney Associates provides social care consultancy to adult social care providers. This includes services for people with a learning disability, mental health issues and elderly people. David also has a specialist knowledge of addiction treatment services which are now regulated by the Hospitals Directorate at CQC. Consultancy will assist services to achieve positive outcomes for people using services; and to prepare for inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) through training, independent audit (“mock inspection”) and, where necessary, support in preparation of the new Provider Information Return (PIR).

Introducing David Finney…

David has been operating as an independent social care consultant for six years and has worked with over 30 organisational clients and provided training for over 100 organisations. David has been a speaker at the national Quality and Compliance Conferences and authored articles in their magazine about the current changes within the way that CQC regulate services.

David has 40 years' experience in social care, most of the time in Management positions within Government organisations. In the Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI), David was Provider Relationship Manager for a number of large companies, including providers of services for people with Learning Difficulties; and Mental Health needs. He was previously an Area Manager for the National Care Standards Commission (NCSC); and Head of Inspection for North Somerset Council.

David was the first Head of Inspection to develop standards specifically for the drug & alcohol rehabilitation sector. David also authored the National Guidance for Inspectors of residential services for people recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, used by CSCI.

David has written several articles in Addiction Today and Drink and Drug News about the development of the residential sector within the substance misuse field. He has also presented workshops at UKEASAD and NTA events.

David holds an M.A. in Social Work and Social Administration, a Diploma in Managing Health and Social Care and is registered by the Health & Care Professions Council. David was a Board member of FDAP until January 2017 when FDAP became part of SMMGP.

Services offered…

  • Preparation for Inspection - a tailored package designed to enable your service to prepare for inspection by CQC, including training, independent audit or “mock inspection” and support in preparation of your PIR, according to your level of need.
  • Preparation of services for registration by CQC.
  • Training and preparation for your registered managers and their teams in how to understand the new CQC inspection methodology and improve quality of care.
  • Strategic reviews of corporate providers of care.
  • Speaker at company staff conferences on wider care issues.

Commissioners of services are increasingly having regard to issues relating to your CQC registration. CQC will now be awarding ratings, will continue inspecting services unannounced and taking robust action in relation to any non-compliance. Therefore, it is important that you are prepared for your inspection!